Sarthak Garg


Hola! My name is Sarthak…and I’ve a standpoint.

iStandpoint is my blog. It’s a repository of my learnings and ideas from which opinions and decisions are formed. It’s my legacy :).

I’ve always wanted to write, writing has been very close to my heart for as long as I remember.

The reason I decided to start a blog was to ink my learnings, beliefs and ideas so that I can do my bit to give back to the society by helping others learn from what I’ve learned and make this world a better place. And this is what humans do…isn’t it? We learn, we teach, and our memory remains. This is the very thing that makes us special, our ability to pass on the learnings, beliefs and ideas from one generation to another. I believe, this is the very purpose of our life.

We often forget that we have a lot more potential than we realise and there are infinite things that we can do that exist way beyond our imagination. And the fastest way to do the unprecedented is not re-invent the wheel, but build upon the beliefs and ideas of somebody who’s a little ahead of the thinking curve. Remember, we are a speck of dust in this tiny world and there are billion more minds out there, thinking.

Life is not a hundred meter sprint, but a ‘Relay’ race whereby we accept the baton from those that passed this way before, do our best, and then attempt to pass the baton on without fumbling it. This is how mankind has evolved, one individual, one group, one generation learning from, and building upon what went before. Our job is to, at very least, ‘pass the baton’!

What I do apart from writing? Check my Profile.

PS: It’s a real tiger cub in the picture above, incase u didn’t notice:)