The Sun will rise again

No matter how hard it rains, one day the rain stops and the sun rises.

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December 13, 2018. I was in a hospital room sitting on a chair, and in front of me, my father was lying. Through tears, I remembered the lesson life had taught me which gave me the strength to sit there.

There is nothing more uncertain in this world than life. At one moment it makes you sad, and the very next, happy. I believe, life always gives a surprise when u least expect.

When I was 14 years old, one day I was getting ready for school and by the time I joined my father at the breakfast table, he was done. He didn’t allow me a single bite because I was late, by 5 minutes. I hated him and this feeling was mutual. He did not like me either, maybe because of what had happened when I was born.

I was the first boy in my family after eight cousin sisters, so my grandma was extremely happy with the news of my birth. She was so excited to see me that she ran towards the hospital room with full power and banged the door without realising my father was standing behind the door. He was a thin man. He couldn’t bear the attack and fell on the iron bar of my cot. He broke his nose and the news of my birth became a breaking new for him, literally. And since then, in his eyes, there was one only thing for me, hatred.

When my father dropped me at the school gate that morning, I saw a very strange coin on the road and like any other 14 years old would have done, I picked it up.

My day was going fine, but when I reached home in the evening, he was shouting at my mother. To my surprise, he was looking for the same coin that I had found at the school gate.

He got very angry and moved towards her. To protect her, I came in between. I showed him the coin, but didn’t give. The anger inside him burst into a fury. Then something happened that had never happened before. He hit me.

The blow was so severe that I couldn’t move. I sat on the floor, crying, failing to understand – how a father can be so brutal that he didn’t bother to drew the blood out of his own blood and that too for a coin. That moment, I wanted to break his nose again.

The night got dark and he came to my room. And in a low voice said, “Son, the wealth that you see, I haven’t got in a platter. I have ploughed it with my sweat. The only thing that your grandfather gave me was this coin. He believed that this coin is magical. And it is. This coin brought me luck that changed my life. But when I lost the coin, I got scared that the luck will vanish and my ugly past will return. I got scared that my happiness will crumble and sink into sorrow.”

He paused for a moment, put the coin on my palm, and with an unprecedented confidence in his voice said, “But I’m not scared anymore. Sometimes the things we think make us happy are not the real cause of our happiness. Today, I have realised that my happiness is not because of this coin, but it’s because of you. What will I do with this money if I’m not happy. What will I do with my life if I don’t have you.”

I collapsed in my bed, sobbing, thinking, that I was so wrong. Love is a feeling that has no language and every person has his own way of reflection. For the first time, I felt love.

And through tears, learnt a lesson that no matter how hard it rains, for days or even for months, but one day the rain stops and the sun rises. And once the sun is out, you are not even sure whether the rain is really over. But one thing is sure, sooner or later the rain will stop and the sun will rise again.