Life is full of surprise

Next sixty minutes was the most beautiful time of my life :).

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Wikipedia says a blind date is a social engagement between two people who have not previously met, usually arranged by a mutual acquaintance. 

The mutual acquaintance in my case was Mr. Vijay Makhani whom I knew for years now. He was an engineer by qualification and a matchmaker by profession. Why he left his engineer job to be a matchmaker was a mystery. Maybe he took Queen Elizabeth a little too seriously who once said, “At its heart, engineering is about using science to find creative and practical solutions.” And he did exactly that. People said, he had developed some kind of algorithm to analyze and match profiles. No wonder, why he had an unprecedented record of successful marriages.

I was a prospect for Vijay uncle since the day he had fixed Kaku’s marriage, my brother. It was quite strange for Kaku to agree for an arranged marriage as all I know that one thing he had to never worry about in his life was girls, he always had in plenty. Unlike Kaku, I was always single. I was in the second year of my job bored with my monotonous life. I never wanted to be an engineer, neither by qualification and nor by profession.

I hated engineering, all it required was using the left side of the brain. When art students were being taught about romance and love which they used in their lives, I was studying chemical bonding. That too in a class where the only girl was not willing to look at me. How was I suppose to understand the concept of bonding? On one hand, the lucky oxygen atom was involved in a twosome with two hydrogen atoms, and I struggled to find even a single girl. As a matter of fact, I was so single that if my friends were asked about an example for a singular noun, they would say ‘Aditya Shaurya’. 

On a bright Saturday morning, Vijay uncle came to our house. He sat next to my dad on the chesterfield sofa, occupying the center stage in our luxury living room. 

In a gentle voice, he asked, “Aditya, do you still work with Acme Engineering?” 

“Yes, Uncle. Is anything wrong with them?” I asked as if I care.

“Nothing wrong with them. I just wanted to ask - would you like to meet Myra? She also works there.” He said, eying an opportunity.

“Sure,” I replied with a smile on my face and a laddoo (Indian sweet) in the heart.

The meeting got fixed for tomorrow, at her house. 

The entire night I was on Instagram. Her curly brown hair, big eyes, and chiseled body with enticing curves didn’t allow my mind to take my eyes off her. My frustrated heart started beating again as if it got an elixir of life. You know a thing about singular nouns, they fall in love instantly. I too was in love.

The next day, we reached her house on time. I like this thing about modern families - they are very open-minded. My parents stayed back in an equally luxurious living room, and I was asked to go up to her room.

The next seventy seconds was the most difficult time of my life. With every stair, the love inside me grew. As I imagined us together, my heart almost came out. My imagination itched my desires so much that an unusual electric current floated in my body. I couldn’t wait to be with her.

I entered her room. The room was colorful and bright. The walls were nicely decorated with family photos all around. Bright sunlight pierced through the floral curtains which along with a pleasant aroma was just enough to upbeat my mood.

The next sixty minutes was the most beautiful time of my life. I had the best date possible. It was a date with not one, but two beautiful girls as she was not alone. She was with Riya. Her best friend, and my school mate who had a crush on me. The laddoo in my heart split into two, and I smiled thinking life is so full of surprises, and mostly good :).