Not everybody gets a second chance

It's difficult when you don't get a second chance, so make the most of the first always!

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Rahul works with IBM, New York. It has been 6 years since he moved to the US. He lives with his parents. He hardly speaks to them. Like every year, he was waiting for her call. And like every year, she didn’t call. It’s his birthday today.

Tina lives in Mumbai with her daughter Samira. Back in college, Tina and Rahul were always together. Tina always stood for her decisions. She was fearless and welcomed the future in all of it’s unknown mystery. And Rahul, an irresolute. As opposite attracts, they too got attracted and fell in love.

When he was about to leave for office, his phone rang. He couldn’t believe it was Tina. A smile emerged on his face. Last time they spoke was 6 years back on their graduation day.

In an absolute joy, he said, “Hi.”

“Hey,” she replied.

He has been wanting for 6 years to speak to her. But when the moment came, he couldn’t speak. A tear rolled down his eye.

He gathered the strength as he knew that this was his only chance.

In a low voice, he said, “I am sorry.”

After a pause he resumed, “I feel sorry every day, every moment. Please forgive me.”

A thought of forgiveness appeared in her heart, but the wound he had given her was too deep to heal. It was always in front of her.

In a strong voice she said, “Rahul, I have moved on. Samira wanted to speak to you. I had promised her that she will speak to her father on her fifth birthday. And you know, I never break my promise.”

The hope of getting her back fainted in a jiffy. His heart wept like a child who catcall for something its parents can’t afford.

Ruefully he replied, “I was helpless. Mom and dad were about to commit suicide. I had to choose between you and them. And I made a mistake.”

“A mistake for you, but it ruined my life.” She replied.

“I was 20 when I was pregnant. It wasn’t my baby alone, but only I suffered. I know you love me, but you love your parents more. That’s your decision, and this is mine. Sorry, I can’t forgive you.”

Next, it was Samira on phone.

In a cute voice she said, “Papa, happy birthday.”

Chocked, he couldn’t reply.

Tina took the phone back. “Goodbye Rahul, we need to go.”

Soaked in love, he didn’t want the call to end. Quickly, he asked, “how she looks?”

“What you expect of someone who even shares your birth date. She’s mini you.” she replied and ended the call.

He knew that she will never come back.

Please, give me one more chance, he looked up and cried.

Not everybody gets a second chance, and it’s difficult when you don’t get it. So make the most of the first always!